Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last post of the year!!!

So, this is it. The last post of the year (I think). I just wanted to give you all a quick season wrap-up and a peek into what is on the docket for next year (we're very excited!).
  • All said and done, we had 17 races and a total of 689 participants!
  • We had around 50 people participate in all 4 championships races.
  • We hosted short tracks, time trials, cross countries, hill climbs, downhills, an up & over race, and one amazing 24 hour race.
  • We had a host of AWESOME volunteers to assist with registration, course clearing, flag pulling (and flag sticking in), and course design.
  • We had really sick maps this year!
  • We had SUPER COOL socks for sale - and I do mean SUPER cool, because Katie Compton (#1 in the pic and by far the best female cyclocross racer in the USA!) has been wearing them during her cyclocross races!
Here are some of our ideas for the 2011 Mountain Bike racing season:
  • The Tuesday Night Kincaid XC series was seriously popular, so we're going to stick with that.
  • New venues! We're thinking Bartlett, Beach Lake Trails in Chugiak and possibly something out in the valley (we'll work with the valley bikers to do a race or two).
  • BETTER course marking! This means that we need reliable volunteers to commit to one or two or more races - if you are interested being on the "flagging committee," please email me!
  • Saturday races are not well-attended, so we won't be holding many of those (exceptions are the Up & Over and the 24 Hour race).
  • A women's-only race/clinic (sorry guys) to boost confidence and garner more interest from the female population. And because women ROCK!
  • A slightly adjusted State Championships - more on this in the spring!
  • A BRAND NEW WEBSITE!!! ABC has just unveiled the new website and it's beautiful! We'll be moving everything over to the new website sometime this winter. So, in other words, this blog will no longer be the go-to site for the MTB division. It'll be even better!
  • ONLINE RACE REGISTRATION just like the road division. YIPPEE! And the same great race fee if you register online: $15.
Some last words from your race director:
  • Thank you to everyone that came out and participated in one way or another - YOU are what makes this division the best! Please come back next year and bring your friends, family & bike buddies!
  • If you are interested in being on our newly formed FLAGGING COMMITTEE or the COURSE CLEARING COMMITTEE, please just shoot me an email and I'll add your name to the list. Then I'll be in touch come springtime. Remember, if you join a committee, you race for FREE!
Thanks again, and enjoy a wonderful winter.

your most enthusiastic race director,
Megan : megpiersma@gmail.com, 440-9928