Friday, May 16, 2014


We have officially transferred over to, so this blog is no longer up-to-date. You will see many updates on the new website over the next week or so.

Tuesday, May 20 - Arctic Valley Hill Climb, register before the race from 6-6:45pm. Race starts at 7pm. Details can be found on

Online registration for the Kincaid XC Series and the 24 Hours of Kincaid will be open SOON! Stay tuned...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

2014 Season is upon us... almost!

A few things:

1) The Mountain Racing Division will be moving from this blog over to the Arctic Bike Club website! You'll start to see the transition soon... stay tuned.

2) We have decided to do away with the short course option all together. BEGINNER category will continue on as it has... one lap of the SAME course as the rest of the racers.

3) Our permit for the Arctic Valley Hill Climb has been approved, which means our first race will be on Tuesday, May 20 at 7pm. More details to come, but you will have to register day-of, before the race. No online registration for this one. 

4) WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Course clearers, course setters, course dismantlers... send a quick email and let us know if you want to help. You get to race for free!

Monday, February 10, 2014

2014 Race Season

The 2014 Race Calendar is up! Check out the blog tabs above for 2014 info.

NEW FOR 2014:
  • Kincaid XC #4 will be held up on the Hillside Trails. Map and race info when we get closer. This race will be an unofficial prelude to the Singlespeed World Championships, which are being held here in Anchorage July 18-20!
  • Race categories will remain the same, but with two additions: Open Singlespeed (M/F, 2 laps only, must have only ONE gear), Open Fat Tire (M/F, 2 laps only, rims must be 70mm or larger)
  • We've decided to merge the Beginner category with the Short Course category - now all racers in the beginner or short course category will race on a course that is as equally long as the "long" or "advanced" course, but the most technical sections will be bypassed.
  • For the Kincaid Series, the 24 Hour race and the Championships: awards will be given to the first place racers in each category, but the top 3 racers in each category will be recognized on the official, super awesome, ABC Mountain Racing Division podium. 
  • ASSISTANT RACE DIRECTOR: this is a paid position! You must be available for at least 80% of the Kincaid Series races and ALL of the State Champs races. You will be paid a per race "stipend" depending on your level of involvement. Duties to include: race registration & timing, advertising, volunteer coordination, involvement in race-day prep, and being Megan's right-hand man (or woman). Please email Megan if interested. This would be a great job for a high school student that has a car! 
  • Board Members: you get to plan the courses and be an integral part of the team of folks that makes these races happen. You race for free and get little perks here and there... contact us for more info.
  • We need volunteers for course clearing and marking. Please either email the race director HERE or leave a message on our Facebook page. If you help, you race for free. BOOM!