Monday, August 30, 2010

State Champs & Season Points RESULTS

Well, what can I say? It was an AWESOME weekend! A very large & enthusiastic turn-out, epic weather, grueling courses, broken bikes, scrapes/bruises/cuts/bumps, and a whole lot of fun.

Thanks to everyone! The racers, the spectators, the volunteers, the flag-pullers, the course creators, and anyone else that helped make the 2010 Alaska Mountain Bike Championships a raging success!

Here is a quick results synopsis...

Championship SERIES winners (raced all 4 races):
Expert Men
1) Carey Grumelot
2) Will Ross
3) Chet Fehrmann
Expert Women
1) Sheryl Loan
Master Men
1) Mike Howard
2) Jim Jager
3) Bruce Ross
Master Women
1) Marge Cunningham
Sport Men
1) Justin Nash
2) Stacey Moon
3) Marc Dunne
Sport Women
1) Janice Tower
2) Jessie Donahue
3) Rebeccah Bieri
Beginner Men
1) Nick Fry
Junior Men
1) Adam Garrigus
2) Luke Jager

Season Points Winners! (raced all season long, won the most points)
Expert Men
1) Carey Grumelot
2) Chet Fehrmann
3 tie) Will Ross/Brent Gorman
Expert Women
1) Eeva Latosuo
2) Sheryl Loan
3) Amber Stull
Master Men
1) Mike Howard
2) Bruce Ross
3) Mark Smith
Master Women
1) Marge Cunningham
Sport Men
1) Stacey Moon
2) Mark Burson
3) Justin Nash
Sport Women
1) Rebeccah Bieri
2) Jill Valerius
3) Darcy Davis
Beginner Men
1) Nick Fry
2) Cameron Bembenek
3 tie) Rich Hum/Bobby Phillips/Griff Steiner
Beginner Women
1) Maggie Donnelly
2) Sarah Ward
3 tie) Laurel Brady/Caroline Patton/Nancy Meade-Miller/Jeanette Duenow
Junior Men
1) Adam Garrigus
2) Luke Jager
3) Tanner Ramey
Junior Women
1) Mykaela McMullen
2) Irene Bembenek
3) Morgan Leach

Male: Carey Grumelot
Female: Eeva Latosuo

NEXT UP: this Saturday, September 4, the Up & Over Challenge. More details to come.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Alaska Mountain Bike Championships

First race is TONIGHT! Thank goodness it's not sunny and nice out; we wouldn't want to overheat or get sunburned! Don't forget your bear bell!

Here is a PDF of all the race info. You can print this out and take it with you!

Sunday's XC race course at Hillside has been modified. We decided to move it off the STA trails (at least the downhill portions) to better preserve those trails for future use! Here is the NEW map!


Here is the points update!

Bear bells will be required at the Kincaid race and at both Hillside races. I will have a very limited amount of bear bells available for sale during registration. They will be $5 per bell. You can find them at any sporting goods or outdoor store for less, and I bet Fred Meyer carries them as well for even cheaper! GET YOUR BEAR BELL! There will be a time penalty for not having a bear bell... 30 seconds.

Thanks so much to Brent Gorman, Jeff Ellis, Mike Howard, Bob Cox and Tim Berntson for clearing a very messy stretch of singletrack at Hillside this weekend. Now the course for the XC on Sunday will be even better (new map posted below)! Awesome job guys.

Bob rocking the chainsaw chaps/spandex look.

Also, everyone that races in the championships will receive one of these awesome reusable totes!


I will be posting information as it becomes available, so check back often!

Here's the schedule:

Friday, August 27
7pm, Hillside, Hill Climb
Registration: will be from 5:30-6:45 to allow folks time to register for the WHOLE series and to sign up for the banquet (just so we know how much food to buy).
Parking: Please park at the north end of the Hilltop Ski Area parking lot. Head east on Abbott Road, pass by Service High School and under the foot bridge, take your next left into the Hillside/Hilltop parking lot - follow the road back past the chalet and park at the far north end. There will be a porta-potty available here!
Pre-race Meeting: 6:50pm
ce Start: 7pm SHARP
Race Format: Experts will leave at 7pm, Masters & Sport at 7:01pm, Beginners & Juniors at 7:02pm. The finish is near the Prospect Heights parking lot, so you can either get picked up there or ride back down to the Hilltop parking lot (MUCH more fun).
Race MAP!

Saturday, August 28
10am, Alaska Pacific University, Short Track
Registration: 9:00-9:45am. Everyone needs to register at this time.
Parking: Please park at the Moseley Sports Center: take 36th Avenue east past Providence Hospital (street now called Providence Drive). At 3-way stop, go straight (large APU log will be on your left at this intersection) onto APU property. Pass the USGS buildings on right. Next building on right will be Moseley Sports Center. The sports center will be open for restrooms, but they ask NO MUDDY SHOES inside. Registration will be in the Sports Center parking lot, but the start/finish area will be down in the soccer field on the other side of the hill behind the sports center... it will all make sense once you get there!
Pre-race Meeting: 9:50am
Race Start: 10am SHARP
Race format:
Expert, Sport, & Master Men + Expert Women will start at 10am. It will be 30 minutes around a 1 mile course, plus one more lap.
Sport, Master, Beginner Women & Beginner Men + ALL Juniors will start at 10:45am. 30 minutes plus a lap.

Race Map: There will be no map for this course as you will be able to easily pre-ride it prior to the race start (one lap will take about 5-8 minutes). The second group will need to pre-ride it BEFORE the first group goes out.

Saturday, August 28

3pm, Kincaid, Time Trial ***BEAR BELL REQUIRED***
Registration: 2:00-2:45pm
Parking: We will be staging from the stadium parking lot, as usual. Take Raspberry Road west until the very end, parking will be at the stadium lot below the chalet (on your right coming in). The start/finish area will be behind the huge scoreboard.
Pre-race Meeting: 2:50pm
Race Start:
Race format: Juniors will go out first, followed by the Beginners, then the Sport, Masters and finally the Experts. Racers will go out one at a time, in 15 or 30 second intervals (this will be decided race day). There will be a 5 minute gap between rider categories.
Race MAP!

Sunday, August 29
12 noon, Hillside, XC
Registration: 11:00-11:45am
Parking: Please park at the north end of the Hilltop Ski Area parking lot. Head east on Abbott Road, pass by Service High School and under the foot bridge, take your next left into the Hillside/Hilltop parking lot - follow the road back past the chalet and park at the far north end. There will be a porta-potty available here!
Pre-Race Meeting: 11:50am
Race Start:
12pm SHARP
Race format: Just like usual... Experts @ 12pm, Sport & Masters @ 12:01pm, Beginners & Juniors @ 12:02pm.
Race MAP!

Sunday, August 29

6pm, Dinner & Awards Banquet (it's free!)
The awards banquet will be held at the Abbott Loop Community Park off Elmore (opposite Coventry Drive) between 80th and 84th. We will be using the large covered shelter on the north end of the park. The dinner will be a big grill-out, with hamburgers, hotdogs (or maybe salmon burgers?) & some sort of vegetarian option (don't worry, it won't be tofurky dogs!). We'll also be providing beverages (soda, sports drinks and MIDNIGHT SUN KEGS!) , along with all the trimmings for your grilled option.
We ask that you bring a dish to share: last names A-L, please bring a side dish, last names M-Z, please bring a dessert!

After dinner, we will have awards and tons of schwag give-aways! If it's nice out, we might get a romping game of volleyball going... Bring the whole family!


COST: $50 for all 4 races (save $10!) or $15 per race, under 18 are always free! The awards dinner is free too - just bring something to share (see above in blue).

It's going to be an awesome weekend full of racing (obviously), prizes, awards, FOOD!, and fun. Your times in each of the races will be added up, then assigned the appropriate "pointage." That pointage will then be doubled, so if you've been missing races this summer and your points total is looking a tad dismal, make sure you join us for all four races!

If you have questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email at!

Kincaid XC #5 RESULTS

We had a very small crowd last night, which is unfortunate because the weather was actually half-way decent! We had 27 racers total. While the turn-out wasn't great, we did have a large number of folks that had never participated in one of the races before, so it was GREAT having some fresh blood! Excellent job to all the "newbies!"

Many (probably 90% of you) reported missing sections of the course or adding on a large chunk unknowingly or going backwards or just generally getting lost... so check out the results and take them with a grain of salt! For those of you that have a * next to your name, it means you "missed course" in a very loose sense. If you have a * next to your name and you know you did the entire course in the correct direction, it just means that I didn't get a chance to talk to you after you finished. Just shoot me an email and let me know!


Expert Men
1 Chet Fehrmann 1:26:05
2 Carey Grumelot 1:26:06
* Scott Vincik 1:26:42
* James Stull 1:28:02
3 Andy Pohl 1:29:42
4 Brian Bonney 1:29:44
5 Carl Kuhn 1:29:44
6 David Valdes 1:37:06

Will Ross DNF

Mike Beiergrohslein DNF

*missed course

Master Men
* Ken Spiess 1:06:29
* Mike Howard 1:12:46
* Bruce Ross 1:16:38
1 Bob Cox 1:23:43
* Kent Muehling 1:49:49

*missed course

Master Women
1 Marge Cunningham 1:23:19

Sport Men
1 Jeff Ellis 1:03:32
2 Stacey Moon 1:03:38
3 Dennis Stosel 1:04:35
4 Jamie Haines 1:05:11
5 Alex De'Ath 1:05:48
6 Mark Burson 1:07:25

Jacob Wahry DNF

Beginner Women
1 Laurel Brady 0:42:24

Junior Men
1 Bobby Wilson 0:34:57
2 Adam Garrigus 0:35:58
3 Luke Jager 0:40:57

Tim was out snapping photos last night... the link to the album is here. It's on SnapFish, so you need an account to see them, but it's free and super easy.

This is the last race that counted for points (besides the upcoming championship races). I will post the updated points list, the championship maps and other pertinent champs info before this weekend so that you can all get out and pre-ride!

Thanks for coming out last night!, 440-9928

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kincaid XC #5

Tuesday, August 17
  • Race Registration: 6-6:45pm
  • Pre-Race Meeting: 6:45pm
  • Race Start: 7pm sharp
  • Adults $15, under 18 race free!
  • Helmets are required.
  • You must be an ABC member to race - $20 for an annual membership ($5 for under 18). Please fill out the membership form, found here, and mail it in with a check. I will not be providing race registration forms at the race- YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BECOMING A MEMBER BEFORE THE RACE. You may bring your COMPLETED membership forms to the race, with payment and save a stamp.
  • Here is the MAP.
Directions to parking and race start:
From Minnesota, head west on Raspberry Road. Follow Raspberry through Jewel Lake Rd, past Sand Lake Rd. and past the big Kincaid Park sign. Wind your way through Kincaid Park, past the Raspberry parking lot (which will be on your right) and under the big ski bridge. Parking will be in the big lot below the Chalet on your right (the stadium lot). Registration will be in the western most corner of the lot. The race start and finish will be in the stadium below the chalet.

Race format:
Experts ride 3 laps and depart at 7:00pm. Sport/Master riders have 2 laps and depart at 7:01pm. Beginners/Juniors ride 1 lap and depart at 7:02pm. If we have as many racers as we've had at previous Kincaid races, we'll split up start times even further (for example: send men out, then women).

Points Series:
This race is the sixth race that count for POINTS. All of the Kincaid and Hillside XC races and all the races in the championships (10 races total) will earn you points depending on how well you place in the race. After the state championships, all points will be tallied and the racer with the most cumulative points will be crowned the state mountain bike racing champion! Woohoo!


Megan (440-9928,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kincaid Short Track RESULTS

Even though it poured the entire race and the course was wet, sloppy and slippery, we had a pretty good turn-out! 25 racers pounded it out for 30+ minutes on the 1 mile course based out of the Jodhpur parking lot. We had a very strong showing by the Junior men - many of which will definitely move up to the sport division next year! Nice job boys! We also had a few Mighty Bikers join in on our course because their race was canceled - some rode the entire 30 minutes in the Junior category and one very brave little girl rode the customary one lap - we were all very impressed!

Thanks to everyone that braved the rain (again)! Wish for sunny weather for our next race- Tuesday, August 17, the FINAL Kincaid XC race of the season! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

Expert Men

1 Brent Gorman 9 laps 0:34:48
2 Chet Fehrmann 9 laps 0:34:48
3 John Lackey 9 laps 0:35:50
4 Scott Vincik 9 laps 0:36:05
5 Carl Smith 9 laps 0:37:59
6 Andy Pohl 8 laps 0:35:24

Master Men

1 Mark Smith 8 laps 0:37:03
2 Bruce Ross 7 laps 0:35:01
3 Bob Cox 7 laps 0:39:50

Sport Men

1 Nathan van der Most 9 laps 0:38:54
2 Jacob Wahry 8 laps 0:35:18
3 Nathan Musgrave 8 laps 0:35:20
4 Cam Bembenek 7 laps 0:35:54

Sport Women

1 Jessie Donahue 7 laps 0:36:16
2 Allison Ross 7 laps 0:37:51

Beginner Women

1 Maggie Donnelly 6 laps 0:39:10

Junior Men

1 Tanner Ramey 8 laps 0:37:59
2 Luke Jager 7 laps 0:35:18
3 Adam Garrigus 7 laps 0:35:41
4 Stuart Bembenek 7 laps 0:38:54
5 Kevin Leach 7 laps 0:40:56
6 Chase Lentfer 6 laps 0:37:03
7 Josh Novakovich 5 laps 0:40:57
8 Hunter Eid 5 laps 0:41:00

Junior Women

1 Irene Bembenek 6 laps 0:35:39

Mighty Bikers!

Camryn Williams 1 lap 0:10:23

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kincaid Short Track

Tuesday, August 10


What the heck is a short track race? Well, it's fast and furious, for one. Racers ride laps around a short, technical course (our course is just over 1 mile long) for 30 minutes, plus one more lap around. Our course involves ski trails plus a bit of rooty single track (read: cross bikes not appropriate or allowed) with some ups and downs. This race is GREAT for spectators because racers will be flying through the start/finish area all the time- no waiting 30 or more minutes to see your rider! We expect the expert riders to do one lap in about 5 minutes or so.

Race Format
All Experts, All Masters & Men's Sport: 7:00-7:30pm, plus one lap
Women's Sport, All Beginners & All Juniors: 7:45-8:15pm, plus one lap

Here is the MAP.

(EVERYONE must register during this time - the second group will get to watch and cheer on the first group!)

Pre-race meeting will be right before your group goes out on the course.

Adults $15, under 18 race free.

You MUST be a member of the Arctic Bike Club to race. Please fill out the membership form and mail it in, or bring it to the race with your payment (with everything already filled out). I will NOT be providing membership forms at registration. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BECOMING A MEMBER BEFORE THE RACE. Membership forms can be found here.

Parking & Registration will be at the Jodhpur parking lot, NOT at the usual stadium area. We wanted to change it up a bit. Directions: instead of staying on Raspberry and heading straight into the Kincaid entrance, you'll take a left on Sand Lake Road. Then take a right onto Kincaid Road. The road will take a 90 degree left turn (Jodhpur Rd.), follow this around. You'll pass some houses and then on your right will be a turn-off into the park - it is the same entrance as the motor-cross park (and it will be the ONLY right you can take on that back stretch of road). Alternately, you can take Dimond west past Sand Lake Road, follow the curve to the right, then take a left into the parking lot.

(as of 8/8/10)

If you have any questions/concerns, please email or call the race director (Megan) at or 440-9928.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Soggy Bottom & Cross Clinic & Socks

Just so you know...

The Soggy Bottom 100 is this weekend, Saturday August 7.
It's an awesome race and you can do it solo or as a team.
Check out the website.

Arctic Cross is hosting a fantastic cyclocross clinic from Thursday, August 12 through Sunday, August 15. Katie Compton (6 time National Cross Champion!) will be the "instructor" for the clinic. There are only 50 spots available and it costs $125, which is a TOTAL steal! You can register for the clinic here. Check out the clinic flyer here.

The next MTB race is August 10. It's a short track race out at Kincaid at 7pm. Come on out and join the fun! Short track races are a total riot- fast & furious & super exciting!

Also, please check to see if your name is on the sock list for a free pair of socks! The top male and female in each category gets a pair of awesome MTB socks. Visit the July blog post entitled "It's all about the socks!".