24 Hours of Kincaid

24 Hours of Kincaid

Kincaid Park, Anchorage
June 21-22 -
Noon to Noon
Online registration will be open in May. Stay tuned for updates!


  • 6 HR MIGHTY BIKE TEAM (4-person team, ages 8-12) : $30/racer (online or at bib pick-up)
  • 6 HR SOLO : $50 online, $60 at bib pick-up 
  • 12 HR SOLO : $65 online, $75 at bib pick-up
  • 12 HR DUO : $65 online, $75 at bib pick-up (per racer price, not per team)
    • 12 hour teams can be male, female or co-ed (at least 50% female)
  • 24 HR SOLO : $80 online, $90 at bib pick-up
  • 24 HR DUO : $80 online, $90 at bib pick-up (per racer price, not per team)
  • 24 HR QUAD : $80 online, $90 at bib pick-up (per racer price, not per team)
    • 24 hour teams can be male, female or co-ed (at least 50% female)   
  • Wednesday, June 18, Chain Reaction Cycles, 4-6pm
  • Thursday, June 19, Speedway Cycles, 12-2pm
  • Saturday, June 21, Kincaid Stadium, 10-11am
  • Kincaid Park, Anchorage, AK: camping will be down in the stadium area.

  • 6-hour race: Solo, 4-person Mighty Bikers (ages 8-12) Team
  • 12-hour race: Solo, Duo
  • 24-hour race: Solo, Duo, Quad
  • Teams may be Male, Female, or Coed (coed teams must be at least 50% female- otherwise will be placed in Male category)
  • You are more than welcome to race on a singlespeed or fat tire bike in ANY category. We will give you special recognition in the results, but unfortunately we can't give you a special category... thanks for understanding!

THE COURSE MAP (2014 map TBD later)

    • This will be a mass chaos start.  Everybody goes in the same wave.
    • Racers MUST finish at any time prior to the 6, 12, or 24-hour mark.  If you cross the finish line after the 6, 12 or 24-hour mark, that lap will not be counted.
    • Results will be based first on the number of laps completed, then total times.  The team with the most laps wins.  In the event of equal laps, the team that completes their final lap first wins.
    • Participants may leave the trail at any point (for aid, breaks, restroom, etc.), provided they re-enter the course at the same place.
    • You will only cross the start/finish line when STARTING your lap (and when ending your team’s FINAL lap). You start your lap by checking your race number in with the timers. Lap times include breaks.
    • Your race number must be on the front of your bike AT ALL TIMES when racing.
  • TEAMS:
    • Relay exchanges will be made BEFORE the lap count.  Exchanges will be in the form of physical contact, such as a tap.
    • Any member of the team may race any amount of laps.  You do not need to race in any particular order, nor do all team members have to complete the same amount of laps.
    • Only one person from each team may be on the course at one time.  This is a RELAY format, not a free-for-all!
    • Soloists may designate a single other person as acting Team Captain so as to not interfere with their race efforts.

  • We will be recording laps manually.  We ask for your patience in posting results as this may take a little time.
  • We will post results as time permits.  Please do not pester the timers- this will only inhibit them from having the time to post the results!  Updates will happen when they happen, as often as we can.
  • As always for this type of event, it’s a good idea to keep a record of your own team’s laps and times in the event of a timing error.

  • CONSTANT JINGLING BELL - not the kind you ring with your finger - the kind that hangs and jingles. This is for the safety of you, other racers and other park users. You must be making noise at all times while out on your lap.
  • HANDLEBAR LIGHT OR A HEADLAMP strapped to your helmet for once it’s “dark” out. 
  • PLATE & FORK for the BBQ! Let’s minimize trash!
  • HELMET, of course!

  • Handwarmers are great, especially if it's cold and raining.
  • a bike would be particularly handy
  • Changes of dry clothes (for soloists as well as teams).  If you go out with damp clothing after your body has cooled down it will have a heck of a time warming back up!
  • multiple water bottles - we will provide water jugs and limited amounts of energy mix, but plan on being self-sufficient
  • Lawn Chairs and warm clothing for sitting around the fire and stadium while you wait for your teammates.
  • GOING GREEN!!!  In efforts to minimize waste and be planet friendly and all that jazz, we ask that you bring your own plate and fork for the BBQ!
  • An aid station will be provided in the stadium at the START/FINISH area. The aid station will offer fruit, snacks and energy drinks, bottled water, but NO potable running water. There will also be a mini aid station at the Raspberry Bridge (about ½ way through the course).  Bring enough food and drink for yourself, and plan to use the aid stations as supplemental.
  • There is no water available in the stadium, so bring a large jug or water cooler to supplement your water bottles.
  • BBQ! We will fire up the barbie Saturday evening and offer ribs and other BBQ favorites... please join us for dinner! BRING YOUR OWN EATING UTENSIL AND PLATE.
  • There will also be a burn barrel, so bring your marshmallows and sticks!  If you’ve got an armload of wood to donate, we’ll gladly accept it!

  • Rent-A-Cans will be located in the stadium.      

  • Parking and camping will be in the stadium, along the race course. We will also have VERY limited parking in the stadium lot. Please only park in our allotted area. There will be signs.
  • Tents: you must set up your tent in the allotted area in the stadium. Camper vans and RVs: you will be parked down in the stadium with the tent campers.
  • The Kincaid Park gate will be locked from 10pm until 5am. We strongly encourage you to stay the night to cheer on those that are riding the full 24 hours. However, we will open the gate from 1:00-1:30am for those wishing to leave after the 12-hour race is over. If you need to leave the park before or after the 1am opening, you will need to have Megan or Chet go open it.

We will have lots of "door" prizes to give away, plus awards for the first place in each category. Podium for top 3 in each category.

2013 SPONSORS (2014 sponsors TBD)
  • Hammer Nutrition
  • Speedway Cycles
  • Backcountry Bicycles
  • Chain Reaction Cycles
  • Trek Bicycle Store Anchorage
  • Paramount Cycles
  • The Bicycle Shop - Dimond

If you have any interest in volunteering or have any questions, please contact Megan.

If you are concerned with the privacy and safety of our online registration, please read our PRIVACY POLICY. _________________________________________________________________________________