Thursday, August 23, 2012


59 racers tonight! That is pretty darn good, 
considering it was one heck of a climb up to the top!

62 racers tonight! 
Great turn-out and no rain during the race!

59 racers in the beautiful sunshine!
What an exciting race!

60 racers, a bit of rain, a lot of mud, and a fantastic finish to 4 days of racing!

CONGRATULATIONS to our Alaska Champions, Brent & Jessie!

A huge thank you goes out to all of you that came out and raced. 
It was an amazing Championship series because of all of YOU!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kincaid XC Series Wrap Up!

What a wonderful season out at Kincaid!

Some quick facts:
  • 214 people participated in this year's XC series (!!!)
  • our largest category, Sport Men, had 53 participants
  • first year offering a shortened course - we had 27 short coursers!
  • courses had more single track than ever - thanks to the sweet STA trails!!!
  • every single Tuesday night race was sunny and beautiful! (how is that even possible?)
  • more junior (under 18) racers than ever - 37 male and female juniors
  • 38 beginner racers! that's more than we've ever had, and remember, our beginners eventually (or occasionally) turn into our experts, so we need to keep them around! 
  • we had another amazing group of volunteers - people that dedicate lots of time and sweat and occasional blood to get the courses cleared, marked, and cleaned, along with the people that help with registration and timing
    • John Lackey, Tim Berntson, Jeff Ellis, Kara Oney, Alex Wilson, Chet Fehrmann, Carey Grumelot, Margaret Cunningham: our rockstar course team
    • Emily Henderson, Alycia Beiergrohslein, Sara Rottman, Martha Piersma, Chet Fehrmann: the group of patient people that got you registered for each race & time the race
    • all the other people that have volunteered some time here and there - there are many of you! Please know that I appreciate the help of each and every one of you.We honestly couldn't do it without ALL of you!
  • Check out Brian Looney's pictures of Kincaid XC#5!

Congratulations to everyone! 
Top THREE racers in each category:
Expert Men - Carey Grumelot, John Lackey, Tim Berntson
Expert Women - Jessie Donahue, Danelle Winn, Sheryl Loan
Master Men - Bruce Ross, Darin Marin, Bob Cox
Master Women - Margaret Cunningham, Judy Kanady, Melinda Greig-Walker
Sport Men - David Ayers, Clinton Hodges III, Simon Lynn
Sport Women - Kara Oney, Jill Simek, Laura Gardner
Beginner Men - John Lynn, Anthony Stong, Scott Medlin
Beginner Women - Kristy Despars, Lori Sivits, Erica White
Junior Men - Max Beiergrohslein, Hunter Eid, Ethan Lynn
Junior Women - Ana Jager, Irene Bembenek, Erin Sivits
Short Course Men - Jackson Evans, Tasman Duenow, Tom Corbin
Short Course Women - Tara Kulin, Cathy Coon, Ursula Volz

If you see your name above, it means you will be awarded at the Awards BBQ this Sunday, August 26! All the info on the Awards BBQ can be found by clicking on the State Champs tab at the top of this blog. PLEASE COME!!! Better yet, please come and RACE in the state champs! 4 awesome races in 4 days! Check out all the details. 


Friday, August 17, 2012


Check out the Champs tab above. Please note that there will inevitably be some small changes to the info. I'll update things throughout the week...


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kincaid XC #6 Results

Last Tuesday night race for the season! It's gone by so fast! A relatively good turn-out for the last XC... 71 racers tonight. A huge thank you to everyone that came out and burned some calories, lost some sweat (and possibly blood or bike parts) and had a great time!

Since it's getting pretty dang late and my eyelids are starting to droop, I'm going to post the results and follow up with the rest of the details later (tomorrow, hopefully). So, FINAL POINTS TALLY, Top Three Winners info, Champs info, awards info, season recap, etc... is coming soon. 


(email me if you see an error)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kincaid XC #5 Results

Again, what a gorgeous night to have a bike race! We are really lucking out on the weather so far this season... knock on wood.  AND another terrific turn-out! 79 racers! 

A few things:

1) Kincaid XC #6 is NEXT Tuesday and we'll be back in the stadium for our final Tuesday night race. I hope to see ALL of you there! I'll post the updated points tally before next Tuesday.

2) Alaska State Mountain Bike Championships are August 23-26. Thursday-Sunday, four races plus an awards BBQ on Sunday night. Don't let the name scare you away... these races are for EVERYONE! So even if you are a beginner or even if you've been racing the short course, we encourage you to come out and try your hand at a series. Each race is different, so you'll get to experience something new every time you come out. Plus the BBQ at the end is a blast - lots of food, friends, prizes and awards. I'll post all the info on the Champs within the next week. 

(please shoot me an email if you see an error in the results... I'm still human, after all)