Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kincaid XC #4 RESULTS & Mighty Bikes Results

Well, it was one heck of an epic evening. It began to rain around 5:30, then it started pouring around 6pm and it kept pouring until I pulled out of the parking lot at 9:30pm! It made for a very wet, dirty, slick and slippery course - and from racer's reports it resulted in a lot of flipping, sliding, skidding, sloshing, and a general flopping around. We had 51 racers register (pretty good considering the weather) and 41 racers finish.

A few things before you jump to the results:
1) The next race is THIS Saturday - Hillside XC, 10am start, 9am registration opens. This race counts for points. More info on this race will be posted as soon as the map becomes available this afternoon.
2) The cumulative points will be posted as soon as they are finished.
3) I've updated the socks post, so check to see if you're name has been added for a free pair of socks! (The top male & female in each division gets a pair of socks.)
4) I have been hearing comments about the maps not being available earlier. Please know that everyone on the MTB board, including the course designer, the map guy and moi (your race director), have full-time jobs. We do mountain bike division stuff in our spare time. Please be patient when things don't get posted right away or when a map doesn't show up until the day before- we're working on it, trust me. If you'd like to help us out, just let me know.
5) We need flag pullers. You get to race free if you stick around and pull flags once the experts come through for their last lap. We REALLY need help pulling flags. Seriously.

Here are the results!

Below are the Mighty Bikes results (2 mile course with lots of moose interference!):


Girls: 1. Kaylee Heck 15:01 2. Kate Crowley 16:12 3. Liz Novakovich 17:09 4. Lara Eck 17:19 5. Annika Colberg 17:51 6. Annika Wolner 20:56 7. Masha Kling 22:19 8. Kennedy Wood 22:56

Boys: 1. Zach Burris 14:36 2. Jonah Rogers 14:43 3. Parker Pickett 14:56 4. Kyle Wolner 15:05 5. Zanden McMullen 15:07 6. Caleb Wood 15:14 7. Josh Novakovich 15:21 8. Peter Hinds 15:30 9. Adam Hearn 16:20 10. Quinn Musgrave 16:25 11. Connor Gries 16:27 12. (tie) Aidan Blessing 16:36, Ethan Picket 16:36 14. Janpal LaChapelle 16:37 15. Sage Hildreth 16:43 16. Cody Fikes 16:51 17. Dylan Eck 17:24 18. David Crowley 17:25 19. Daniel Kling 17:33 20. Paul Boutet 21:24 21. Talis Colberg 22:48

Thanks to everyone that came out on Tuesday night, despite the downpour. You guys and gals are HARDCORE! Extra points for everyone!!! OK, just kidding...

Here are some awesome photos of the race (thanks Kent!).

Connor Truskowski after the race - looking just a tad on the dirty side.

Stacey Moon coming across the finish line after 2 laps in the slop.

Cleaning bikes off in the newly-formed Kincaid Lake (it's really just the parking lot).

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