Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kincaid XC #5 RESULTS

We had a very small crowd last night, which is unfortunate because the weather was actually half-way decent! We had 27 racers total. While the turn-out wasn't great, we did have a large number of folks that had never participated in one of the races before, so it was GREAT having some fresh blood! Excellent job to all the "newbies!"

Many (probably 90% of you) reported missing sections of the course or adding on a large chunk unknowingly or going backwards or just generally getting lost... so check out the results and take them with a grain of salt! For those of you that have a * next to your name, it means you "missed course" in a very loose sense. If you have a * next to your name and you know you did the entire course in the correct direction, it just means that I didn't get a chance to talk to you after you finished. Just shoot me an email and let me know!


Expert Men
1 Chet Fehrmann 1:26:05
2 Carey Grumelot 1:26:06
* Scott Vincik 1:26:42
* James Stull 1:28:02
3 Andy Pohl 1:29:42
4 Brian Bonney 1:29:44
5 Carl Kuhn 1:29:44
6 David Valdes 1:37:06

Will Ross DNF

Mike Beiergrohslein DNF

*missed course

Master Men
* Ken Spiess 1:06:29
* Mike Howard 1:12:46
* Bruce Ross 1:16:38
1 Bob Cox 1:23:43
* Kent Muehling 1:49:49

*missed course

Master Women
1 Marge Cunningham 1:23:19

Sport Men
1 Jeff Ellis 1:03:32
2 Stacey Moon 1:03:38
3 Dennis Stosel 1:04:35
4 Jamie Haines 1:05:11
5 Alex De'Ath 1:05:48
6 Mark Burson 1:07:25

Jacob Wahry DNF

Beginner Women
1 Laurel Brady 0:42:24

Junior Men
1 Bobby Wilson 0:34:57
2 Adam Garrigus 0:35:58
3 Luke Jager 0:40:57

Tim was out snapping photos last night... the link to the album is here. It's on SnapFish, so you need an account to see them, but it's free and super easy.

This is the last race that counted for points (besides the upcoming championship races). I will post the updated points list, the championship maps and other pertinent champs info before this weekend so that you can all get out and pre-ride!

Thanks for coming out last night!, 440-9928