Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kincaid XC #4 Results

What a beautiful evening we had... and an excellent turn-out! 62 people came out to ride the ski trail-heavy course last night. General consensus: it was a blast!

Here are the POINTS after Kincaid #3. I will post the points update (will include Kincaid #4) as soon as it's done. If you see a problem with your points, please email me:

***If you've been racing in two different categories (for instance, one race you did beginner, then you upgraded to sport for the next race), you will see your name in each category on the points sheet. We are not yet sure how to reconcile this... it might just be that you earned points in both categories... we'll figure it out soon and update the points... I'll let you know what we decide.***

Next race:
Beach Lake XC, THIS Saturday, July 30. More details will be posted to the blog soon!