Monday, August 1, 2011

Beach Lake XC Results

Sorry folks! I really took my time getting these up...

Just a quick recap: it was a really fun race, weather was good, turn-out was fair.

We only had 27 racers, but we made $825 (the MTB club will kick in another $175 to round it up to a nice even $1000) for the STA's Kincaid Single Track Project!!!

Simply amazing! Thank you so much to ALL of you that came out, donated, raced, and had a sausage & beer. Just think of the races next year... on gorgeous, well-made single track trails! WOO-EEE!

Here are the results:

Expert Men, 4 laps
Jeff Ellis 1:15:54
John Lackey 1:20:29
Chet Fehrmann 1:20:51
Nathan Van Der Most 1:26:40
Paul Anderson 1:27:03
Justin Nash 1:29:59
Peter Morris 1:30:39
Joe Pollock 1:32:35
David Robinson 1:35:42

Expert Women 4 laps
Sheryl Loan 1:36:05

Sport Men 3 laps
Stephen Arnason 1:10:59
Leonard Fancher 1:13:04
Rhett Buchanan 1:14:17
John Trimble 1:15:48
Chris Dock 1:16:04
Andy Garrigus 1:20:04
Miguel D'uarte 1:20:36
Will Timmons 1:21:00
Jared Riedel 1:27:09

Sport Women 3 laps
Kristy Smith 1:27:35

Master Men 3 laps
Tony Turrini 1:05:58
Ted Timmons 1:16:19
Bruce Ross 1:20:07

Beginner Men 2 laps
Clinton Hodges III 1:08:29

Junior Men 2 laps
Adam Garrigus 0:51:00
Luke Jager 0:51:12

Junior Women 2 laps
Ana Jager 1:01:11