Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kincaid Short Track

Tuesday, July 10, 7pm, JODHPUR PARKING LOT, Kincaid Park
  • Registration: 6-6:45pm
  • Race start: 7pm
 Depending on how many folks show up, we will either have one group (mass start) or we will break you up into two groups. Everyone will race for 30 minutes, plus one lap. So if there are two groups, the first group will go out at 7pm and end around 7:35pm, the second group will head out at 7:40pm and race until 8:15 or so. The second group will get to cheer on the first group and the first group will get to cheer on the second group! This is a GREAT race for spectators, because we see the racers every couple of minutes! Also a great race for beginners because the course is relatively mild.


Directions: head west on Raspberry Road (like you are heading to the main Kincaid Park entrance) and take a left (south) on Sand Lake Road. Take the first major right (west) onto Kincaid Road. Follow Kincaid Road to the 90 degree left-hand turn (this is where Jodhpur Road begins), follow Jodhpur until about a mile down. The parking lot entrance will be on your right, marked by a big red gate and signs. The entrance is somewhat obscured by trees, so just keep your eyes peeled. It is the same entrance for the Motocross area. Drive down the dirt road and park in the big lot on your right. 
  • You must be a member of the Arctic Bike Club to race. Join HERE.
  • Helmets are required.
  • Bear bells are not required for this race.
  • This race does not count for points in the Kincaid Race Series.
  • $15 adults, juniors (under 18) race free!
No race map because it will take you just a few minutes to pre-ride the course.  So it's a surprise until you get there! 

If you have questions, email Megan!