Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hillside Short Track

Saturday, June 19, Noon


What the heck is a short track race? Well, it's fast and furious, for one. Racers ride laps around a short, technical course (our course is just over 1 mile long) for 30 minutes, plus one more lap around. Our course involves ski trails plus a bit of rooty single track (read: cross bikes not appropriate or allowed) with some ups and downs. This race is GREAT for spectators because racers will be flying through the start/finish area all the time- no waiting 30 or more minutes to see your rider! We expect the expert riders to do one lap in about 5 minutes or so.

Race Format
Expert/Masters/Sport Men: 12:00-12:30pm, plus one lap
Expert/Masters/Sport Women + Beginner Men: 12:45-1:15pm, plus one lap
Beginner Women + All Juniors: 1:30-2:00pm, plus one lap

Race course map can be found here.

Registration: will open at 11:00am and will close right before the beginner women & juniors go out (around 1:20pm). MAKE SURE TO REGISTER BEFORE YOUR RACE.

Adults $15, under 18 race free.

You MUST be a member of the Arctic Bike Club to race. Please fill out the membership form and mail it in, or bring it to the race with your payment (with everything already filled out). We will NOT be providing membership forms at registration- it creates way too much congestion and slows things down. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BECOMING A MEMBER BEFORE THE RACE. Membership forms can be found here.

Pre-race meeting: will be right before your group goes out on the course

Parking & Registration will be at the far north end of the Hilltop Ski Area parking lot (where you park to access the big gas line trail). From the Seward HWY, go east onto Abbott Road through Elmore and past Service High School. You'll take a left into the Hilltop Ski Area and drive through the gate, past the chalet and lifts to the very back of the parking lot.

To ease your minds about the bears in the area: We kept the course as far away from the creek as possible and we will be racing during the middle of the day (few sightings occur during these hours) PLUS the course is very short and you will always be within a few minutes of the parking lot, and you will always be surrounded by other racers and trail users. If you would like to ride with a bear bell on your bike, please feel free. I have personally spoken to the bear experts with the Muni (the people in charge of closing trails due to bears) and Fish & Game. No one thought is was necessary to cancel or move the race. Your safety is of utmost concern to us here at ABC and we would never knowingly put anyone in harms way (well, beside giving you tough race courses...). :)

WE HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL OUT AT THE RACE THIS SATURDAY!!! It's going to be a great course and it'll be even better if it's raining, so don't shy away due to weather- there's nothing better than getting wet and dirty with fellow racers!

If you have any questions/concerns, please email or call the race director (Megan) at or 440-9928.