Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kincaid XC #2 RESULTS

It was another fabulous evening at Kincaid! Perfect weather, awesome race course and a very large group of pumped up racers! Thanks to you all for coming out and an extra big THANK YOU to the flag pullers (Darcy, Petra, Amber, Sheryl, Eeva, Nathan, Chet, Marge, John, Carey, Tana and more!). We've also got two amazing women helping me with registration each race- Gina & Tana. Thank you! Man, what an awesome biking community we have!


1) Masters are 50+ years old (some of you spring chickens are trying to race in the masters category when you should be in SPORT- please register as sport next race). Juniors are under 18 years old (we had some juniors race as beginners - please make sure you register as a junior if you are under 18 and only want to do one lap). It gets very confusing when your race number does not correlate to the category you registered under!
2) As you will see on the race results, we had some folks miss sections of the course last night. I still recorded your time, but you are not officially entered into the results or the points series (basically a DNF). It is YOUR responsibility to follow the flagging (always on your right). If you know you missed a section of the course last night, please be honest and shoot me an email letting me know. I will adjust the results accordingly.
3) PLEASE KEEP YOUR RACE NUMBER FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON!!! It's $5 if you need a new one.
4) There were some folks riding around the parking lot last night without a helmet on. Please know that once you sign your name on the sign-in sheet, you MUST wear your helmet ANY time you are on your bike, or it will be an automatic DQ. We're VERY strict about this. Seriously.

OK, here are the results!

Awesome job, everyone! Hope to see you all at the next race: Tuesday, July 6, Kincaid XC #3!