Friday, September 10, 2010

Arctic Valley Hill Climb RESULTS

It was a beautiful night! And with the amazing view that the Arctic Valley road affords us, it was truly a perfect finish to a season of mountain bike racing. We had 11 racers for our very last race of the season, but that didn't deter anyone from kicking some serious butt up that hill.

1) Jeff Ellis, 36 minutes & 49 seconds
2) John Lackey, 38:55
3) Chet Fehrmann, 39:30
4) Tim Berntson, 40:41
5) Don Haering, 43:34
6) Charlie Renfro, 44:56
7) Paul Anderson, 45:36
8) James Keck, 47:58
9) Jenna App, 52:50
10) Laurel Brady, 53:15
11) Karen Morrison, 53:40

Thanks for coming out everyone! And ladies, you rock!

I will post once more this year after our end-of-season board meeting to give you hints about what is to come for next year and a quick season recap.