Thursday, September 2, 2010

Up & Over Challenge

Saturday, September 4, 10am ***BEAR BELL REQUIRED***

The start will be at the South Bivouac Trailhead off of Campbell Airstrip Road. Take Tudor east from Boniface, take a right onto Campbell Airstrip Rd. Pass the main parking area (which is on the right) and continue on until you see the pair of parking lots (one on left and one on right). South Bivouac is the lot on the right side of the road.

Registration will be 9:15-9:50am, pre-race meeting will be at 9:50, race will start at 10am. It's $15 as always. Under 18 race free.

Race Route:

Route follows the Spencer Loop up to a short section of short track. You will then pop out on The Hive trail, which you will follow up to the Prospect Heights parking lot. You will then proceed up the Gasline to the Powerline Trail. Stay on the Powerline Trail all the way “Up and Over” Powerline Pass. Descend (be super careful because its steep and loose) the south side of Powerline Pass to the Indian Trailhead. The finish will be in the parking lot of the Indian Valley Trailhead.
We're expecting racers to finish in 2-3 hours, depending on weather and trail condition on the Indian side of Powerline Pass. The race is between 15 and 17 miles long.

You will be given a small map/directions to take with you. This is a self-sufficient race - take what you need with you. There are no aid stations. It is your responsibility to get to the finish line - minimal route finding skills are required, but you do need to know where you're going. The course is NOT flagged or marked in any way. The course is not technically difficult, but it is very steep on both sides of the pass, and will more than likely require getting off your bike. You are responsible for getting yourself home from Indian!

a bear bell!
water (2 water bottles or a camelbak)
extra clothing (wind jacket, hat, gloves)
a snack

We may or may not have a very informal gathering afterward at the Indian House Restaurant. Awards may or may not be presented. They do have good food, though (or so I've heard).

Hope to see you all there!