Friday, June 21, 2013

24 Hours of Kincaid info

Just a few important things to note:

1) you may still register or pick up your race number tomorrow down in the Kincaid stadium from 11-11:30am. 

2) the red gate to the stadium will be open around 8am tomorrow morning - once the gate is open, you will be able to drive your vehicle down into the stadium and park/camp.

3) the main red gate (out by the Raspberry Parking Lot) locks at 10pm. we will open it for a 1/2 hour from 1-1:30am so that 12 hour racers that need to go home can. It will then lock from 1:30-8am. Please plan accordingly.

4) if you have an armload of wood you can donate to the burn barrel, PLEASE BRING IT! we are low on wood this year.

5) the grill is for all to use - we will provide the usual BBQ fare, but feel free to stick whatever you want on it. usually it gets going around 6pm and runs most of the night. we don't really have a "grill master," so plan on cooking your own food or having a friend or family member do it for you. sometimes a really nice individual takes over grill duties for a couple of hours - we love those people! 

6) remember, you have to finish your last lap BEFORE the 6, 12 or 24 hour mark. if you are out on the course when your race ends, that lap will NOT count. 

7) we will hold awards for the 6 hour race right after it ends. awards for the 12 and 24 hour race will be held after the 24 hour race ends. we encourage all participants to stay overnight and help support & cheer on the 24 hour racers - they're gonna need it!

8) NO GROUND FIRES. you may have a gas or charcoal grill at your campsite, but no fires on the ground, no fires in a fire container. the only open fire allowed will be the main burn barrel and it will be centrally located by the finish line, food, etc...

9) there will be 4 rent-a-cans down in the stadium for your use!

10) we do NOT provide water to refill your water bottles with. bring a large jug or water cooler for that. we DO provide drink mixes (thank you Hammer Nutrition!) and gels, fizzies, etc... plus BBQ food.  So basically, bring your own water, snack foods & breakfast. 

Questions? EMAIL please.

ps- I just posted the updated XC #2 results...