Monday, June 27, 2011

24 Hours of Matanuska Results

What a blast! Weather cooperated perfectly and there were so many enthusiastic, FUN, inspirational people out there! It was really, truly incredible to see so many people riding for so long, so hard and still smiling (for the most part) when they came through the start/finish.

A huge thanks to Greg from Speedway who organized the whole dang thing, and to all the folks that volunteered their time to help set up and take down the course. Also, Bob & Meg Stehn, our timers, were absolutely and completely amazing. They were the best timers that this race has ever seen, or will probably ever see again.

If you have any PHOTOS you would like to share, email them to

DANG, what a good time!!!

Tuesday, July 5 : Bartlett Short Track (more info soon)