Monday, June 6, 2011

Downhill Dome Results

Sorry it's taken me so long to get these results posted... been experiencing some technical difficulties.

Saturday's Downhill Dome was a blast! We had 13 racers brave the course (and with what appeared to be to two pretty wicked endo's resulting in bloody faces, I really do mean brave) during some really great weather. The long push up is definitely worth the short thrill ride down. The winner, Mark Elfstrom, TORE down the mountain like he was being chased by a jaguar in the jungle. Pretty impressive.

1) Mark Elfstrom 8 minutes and 38 seconds
2) Kevin Murphy 9:53
3) Bruce Ross 10:16
4) Jed Ullrich 10:35
5) Allen Garrett 10:50
6) Darren Mattingly 11:02
7) Jessie Donahue 11:30
8) Collin O'Farrell 11:55
9) Doug Gray 12:06
10) Ray Huot 12:12
11) Ivy Pedersen 16:38
12) Amy Cornelius 17:35
13) Carl Smith DNF